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VOGSY's Gmail Add-on

How Services Businesses Can Work From Their Inboxes With VOGSY’s Workspace Add-On

You just received an email from a client with a project file you’ve been waiting for. Now you need to get it to your team and mobilize production ASAP.

Do you:

A: Download and forward the file, copy your whole team and wait for the explosion of email responses before sorting out tasks in your project management system? Or,

B: Click to integrate the file with the project and assign tasks from your inbox?

If you’re thinking, “Wait, I have option B?”–now all VOGSY users do. It’s called the VOGSY Workspace Add-on for Gmail, the latest addition to the VOGSY family of collaborative features.

It’s beautifully simple: Open a client’s email and see key customer, opportunity and project information. Log the email to VOGSY and start assigning tasks–all from your inbox.

Here’s how you can use VOGSY’s Workspace Add-on to be more productive, collaborate with your team and guarantee follow-through that will strengthen customer relationships.

vogsy-g-suite-add-on-for-gmail-log-email-2Eliminate email chains to power productivity

When your client emails with a project request, how long does it take you to gather data and files to email your team, type out explanations and divvy up work?

If it’s longer than a minute or two, that’s longer than it should.

This is why we introduced the Workspace Add-on. Instantly, you can:

  • Get project insights like order value, start and end dates and who’s managing the project in your inbox

  • Save the email to a project, opportunity or client profile in VOGSY

  • Allocate tasks to resources from your inbox

  • Jump straight to the corresponding record in VOGSY if needed

Seamless email integration

The Workspace Add-on automatically recognizes your client’s email address and gives you a summary of key information about current opportunities and projects. Because you can interact directly with the data, you’ll work right from your inbox.

Without leaving the email, you’ll see financial, project management and schedule highlights, helping you determine your next steps without having to go into any other screen. Then just tap a button to log the email to the project so that everyone can see it in VOGSY, in full context.

Keep track of all your contacts

Organizing customer contacts should be pretty easy, right? But when you and your team are receiving emails from multiple members of a client organization, contacts can get lost in the shuffle.

The Add-on automatically recognizes new contacts you haven’t saved yet in VOGSY by matching senders’ email addresses to existing companies in VOGSY. You’ll be prompted to tap a button that will add the contact to the organization profile in VOGSY so you never lose track of these customer contacts.

One-click tasks

ou don’t even have to leave Gmail to create tasks for your team-the Workspace Add-on brings that functionality to your inbox, too.

It’s easy. Just click “Add” in the Add-on panel, create a title, description and due date and start typing in a name to prompt an automated resource suggestion. Hit “Save” and you’re done. The assignee will be notified and the task will be posted to the project in VOGSY, along with the email for reference.

You’ve just cut the whole email-to-action process from hours to seconds. And because you’ve given your team everything they need to be productive immediately, you’ve significantly reduced the risk of holdups on project deliverables hurting profitability.


Assign tasks from email to ensure customer follow-ups

Disconnected processes lead to poor client communication. While you struggle to track down who said what, who was supposed to be doing what and when in a novella-length email thread, project progress slows and follow-ups get delayed. This can chip away at customer relationships–and in turn, your pipeline.

One way to avoid this is to use the Workspace Add-on to instantly delegate the responsibility of following up with a customer at a specific time. It’s that simple. You can rest easy knowing who will be keeping your customer apprised of progress, when.

Just by assigning project tasks with VOGSY’s Workspace Add-on, you help your employees respond quickly and do their jobs more efficiently. This enables you to be more effective at following up with clients and providing speedier progress updates.

Strengthening customer relationships

Staying on top of follow-ups is not only easy with the Workspace Add-on–but it also creates the opportunity to build trust between you and your client.

Jon Harmer, Gmail’s Product Manager, puts customer relationships at the heart of modern organizations’ competitive strategies:

“Services businesses use Workspace tools to accelerate productivity and leverage a more intuitive foundation for internal collaboration. Ultimately, their clients are the beneficiaries of faster turnarounds and higher quality work, which raises customer satisfaction–a key driver of business growth today. We’re excited to see partners building solutions on the Workspace Add-ons framework that contribute to more streamlined services business workflows and collaboration.”

The better your client relationships are, the longer-lasting they are–and the more business stability you can create now and in the future.


Have conversations in context for results-driven action

Professional services organizations looking to grow cannot afford to allow choppy communication to sow confusion, bottlenecks and potential screw-ups.

Let’s say a prospect in the opportunity stage emails you with a question about a proposal, but you need to verify first with the account manager, Karen. The conversations can’t be had in isolation–with zero context–if Karen is going to be able to take action.

Tedious email chains would slow her down. An instant messaging system like Slack won’t make things any faster or clearer–you’ll still need to direct Karen to the relevant data in your project management system and thoroughly explain the details of the client email.

In a scenario like this, all you need is the Workspace Add-on. Here’s how that will play out:

  1. You’ll type your question to Karen into the comment field in the Add-on panel.

  2. You’ll click a button in the Add-on menu to save your question, along with the email itself, to the opportunity in VOGSY.

  3. Karen will get a notification about the question so she can join the conversation in VOGSY, where it will be linked to the email and opportunity for quick reference.

The results? You get to spend more time on high-priority items, and Karen has all the information she needs in one place to move the opportunity to a win.

Especially in this age of remote work scattered among distributed teams, seamless collaboration is a cornerstone of a successful business model. That’s what the Workspace Add-on aims to provide, directly from your inbox.


Everything we do at VOGSY, we do to make life easier, work smoother and business more profitable. With our new Workspace Add-on, you can complete workflows in minutes from Gmail–without long, confusing email chains that can drag on for days.

The Workspace Add-on makes client emails instantly actionable and traceable. That means maximizing revenue-generating work while maintaining great customer relationships that nurture repeat business.

That’s the power of Workspace and VOGSY.