One global platform, a solution for every user.

Choose the best mix for your team. A minimum of 9 full users and 1 super user applies. Prices are in US dollars and fees are billed annually.

Lite users

Ideal for your contractors

per user/month

no minimum

$13 when billed monthly
  • My timesheets

  • My planning

  • My tasks

  • My expenses

  • My notifications

Full users

For most users, e.g. executives, producers, project & account managers

per user/month

9 users minimum

$28 when billed monthly
  • Opportunity & quote management

  • Project management

  • Resource management

  • Task management

  • Charts & dashboards

  • Google & Microsoft integrations

  • Team collaboration

Super users

Ideal for accounting professionals & financial admins

per user / month

1 user minimum

$42 when billed monthly
  • Invoicing

  • Financial budgets

  • AR & AP

  • Reports

  • Settings & master data

Integration admin

For users who manage all standard integrations

per user / month

no user minimum

$358 when billed monthly
  • CRM

  • Accounting

  • Jira

  • Trello

  • API's

  • Signhost

  • BI tools

Compare features of license type:

Access to personal viewLiteFullSuperIntegration admin
My timesheetsYesYesYesYes
My planningYesYesYesYes
My tasksYesYesYesYes
My expensesYesYesYesYes
My notificationsYesYesYesYes
Access to front office featuresLiteFullSuperIntegration admin
Opportunity and quote managementYesYesYes
Project managementYesYesYes
Resource planningYesYesYes
Task managementYesYesYes
Charts and personalized boardsYesYesYes
Google and MS 365 integrationsYesYesYes
Team collaborationYesYesYes
Access to back office featuresLiteFullSuperIntegration admin
Financial budgetsYesYes
AR & AP managementYesYes
Customizable, in-depth reportsYesYes
Settings and master dataYesYes
Integration managementYes
API connectionsYes

Get a jump start with our onboarding pack.

A dedicated onboarding specialist will help get you to your initial go-live and optimize VOGSY for your business. A one-time fee of $3,500 includes:

  • Initial setup support

  • Business mapping

  • Data uploads

  • Back-end structure walk-through

  • Project WBS mapping

  • Integrations setup

  • Super user training

Have additional requirements?

Tell us about them so we can tailor your onboarding experience.

Frequently asked questions:

When do I need a Lite, Full, Super or Integration Admin user license?

Lite users can only view, and work on, their own tasks, planned hours, and time sheet. Lite users do not have access to project or company financial data and analytics. This is an option that is often used to make contractors part of workflows and time tracking without disclosing any other information to them.

Full users have access to the entire front office, meaning opportunity, project and resource management as well as real-time charts in the analytics dashboard. Full users can also arrange VOGSY content in Pinterest-style boards and utilize Google Workspace integration functionality. This includes getting VOGSY workflows sent to the user’s Gmail account, accessing and configuring automated quotes and invoices in Docs and file sharing in an automated Google Drive structure.

Super users can do everything both Lite and Full users can do, plus access the back office. This entails VOGSY setup and settings configuration, creating purchase invoices, accounts receivable and accounts payable functions, financial budgets and accessing back-office reports. In short, super users have full access to all project and company financial data.

Integration Admin users are authorized to connect VOGSY to other applications, either via one of our managed integrations, or by using our APIs. There is no limit to the number of integrations that you establish and no additional cost. Our Fair Use Policy applies.

Is there a minimum time commitment?

Our standard pricing is based on a 1 year prepaid term. You can opt for a monthly payment plan at an additional charge.

Do I need to subscribe?

After your free trial period, you need to subscribe. The minimum number of users is 10, consisting of at least 1 super user and 9 full users.

Does VOGSY have an app?

VOGSY is a web app. VOGSY runs on any device so you can access the same simple, safe and smart VOGSY interface on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Are there any additional license or support costs?

Contact us for integrations pricing and optional additional support packages.

Is the onboarding pack mandatory?

Yes. The onboarding pack includes initial setup, support, business mapping, data uploads, back-end structure walk-through, project 'work breakdown structure' mapping, setting up integrations, and super user training. Our onboarding pack ensures you know exactly how to get everything out of VOGSY from the get-go.