The future of global projects


We started VOGSY because there is a huge opportunity in the market for an all-in-one CRM and ERP platform for project businesses of around 50 to 500 staff.

Especially for those services businesses with international ambitions.

If that is you, then you need a single, unified platform that handles your sales, operations and finance.

Without this Single Source of Truth it is impossible to grow predictably and with solid profits.

Go global
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How is VOGSY different?

Big brands like Microsoft, Oracle, or SAP offer robust software but at a huge cost. Be prepared for long implementation projects and costly admin work.

Local software vendors lack the power and expertise to serve a multinational 50-500 staff firm.

VOGSY is laser-focused on these firms. Our software helps them to grow worldwide with unmatched ease and speed.

Our sole mission is to be the platform of choice for global services firms at a great price point anywhere in the world.

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Who uses VOGSY?

In a few words, companies who use VOGSY are fast growing, forward-thinking, no-nonsense operators.

And in those companies, it's usually the CFO or Controller, as well as the COO or Ops Director who finds us and brings us on board.

Here are some examples of customers that thrive with VOGSY:

Customer examples

  • Emma Crowl, CFO Datarock on VOGSY ERP

    Datarock connects Jira to ERP from VOGSY

    An up-and-coming global firm from Australia manages financial reporting, audits, billing, resources, project delivery, and margins in one connected enterprise-grade application.

  • dius banner

    DiUS case study

    An end to end connected process that benefits everyone, including DiUS’ clients.

  • Auticon banner

    Social Enterprise builds on VOGSY

    Auticon is recognized as a Society Changer by McKinsey and a trailblazer by Sir Richard Branson. This neurodivergent tech social enterprise banks on VOGSY for operational and financial control.