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How ClearRoute grew to 4 countries on 3 continents in 18 months

The ClearRoute story

ClearRoute is revolutionising the route to bringing software live, for Large Enterprise clients, globally.

Businesses that continually get new digital experiences to market faster, and more reliably than anyone else, drive their competitive advantage and see the technical dividends, not just the technical debt.

Their specialists combine capabilities across Quality Engineering, Cloud Platforms and Developer Experience looking holistically at the Route to Live, end-to-end.

Using their proprietary framework, they deliver business value into the hands of the end-users and their clients, faster, more safely, and more reliably than ever before.

Over the course of 2023/24, ClearRoute scaled their company to now cover 4 countries in 3 continents just 18 months after they opened their doors.

The challenge: Finding an agile ERP vendor for international service businesses.

Philipp Blum, COO of ClearRoute, underscores the paramount importance of a robust ERP system in facilitating rapid and cross-border scalability, drawing from his extensive prior experiences.

Simultaneously, he emphasises the necessity for organisations to adopt a software solution that is both user-friendly and minimally demanding in terms of setup and training. However, such a solution should possess adaptable features to accommodate incremental growth, ensuring that the platform remains accessible and efficient amidst escalating complexity.

Blum reflects, 'Upon encountering VOGSY and subsequently trialing its capabilities, I was pleasantly impressed. The product's inherent quality and the seamless operational experience it offers persuaded me of its value proposition for our organisation, both in the present and in our future endeavours.'"

Onboarding with speed and ease

Given his past experience with services ERP software, Blum was able to completely self-onboard in just a couple of days. Without having to give up on the core features and reporting that were required. A strong plus for VOGSY.

Partnership for growth

ClearRoute is on a very progressive growth path, and predicting demand is a key capability for them. VOGSY already had capabilities for projecting future demand and revenue from projects in the pre-sales phase. ClearRoute needed an even simpler way to quickly tally up demand and make sales decisions. They asked VOGSY to create an FTE-based demand capture and revenue forecasting feature. These ‘opportunity bookings’ are now a standard VOGSY feature.

Why VOGSY – international growth

ClearRoute’s selection criteria were simple; fit-for-purpose, based on long standing experience, no-nonsense, affordable and robust.

“I had our growth trajectory in mind and felt strongly that the VOGSY team would be able to deliver on our growing needs.” comments Blum.

A particular aspect for ClearRoute was their international growth ambition. Launching in several countries in a year’s time can be quite an ordeal without the right software to support your processes.

Shared consultants - single resource pool

One requirement is to be able to use consultants from one country in another country. The ability to find available consultants and understand their skills and rates is key to closing deals and delivering effectively and with good margins.

ClearRoute now has an integrated pool in VOGSY that covers consultants from their UK, Bulgaria, India, and Australia offices. Each office can view and plan consultants based on time availability, skills, and cost/sales rates.

Local invoicing

The ability to invoice from different countries in one system is key for ClearRoute. They are now invoicing from both the UK and their Australia office with VOGSY.

Arina Krapivina, Head of Operations and Finance, comments; “We are very pleased that the VOGSY team delivered on our requirements for invoicing in multiple different countries from one system. Invoicing would have been a very cumbersome and error-prone process otherwise.”

Multi-currency expenses

VOGSY provides ClearRoute with the ability to handle complex expense scenarios. A project might be sold in AUD, with a resource working from India and an expense incurred in USD. This can be associated with the project and recharged to the client in the project currency and reimbursed to the employee in their own currency.

Consolidated reporting

“It’s important for us to view financial reports on a project-by-project basis, per country, but also in one consolidated global view.” says Krapivina. “We will continue our growth and without these mission-critical VOGSY KPIs we would be flying blind.”