vogsy jira

VOGSY integrates seamlessly with JIRA...

…and here’s why:

Problem 1

Dev teams often do not correctly track their time. They forget, they don’t remember the project that it belongs to or which part of the project. And who wants to go to some other tool that they don’t understand just to enter some minutes or hours. None of this adds value or joy to their work…

Problem 2

Project managers have difficulty tracking project budgets and progress in Jira; what work was done by whom regarding what project deliverable? What workload is still to be expected and does it match the estimate? Will the work finish on time and within budget? Is there even still budget available? Will we hit the estimated margin for this project? And lastly, for those T&M projects; how many hours should go on the invoice this month?

The solution

Enter VOGSY. And it’s intelligent Jira integration. Once connected, VOGSY will know how many hours were tracked against each project deliverable. And since budgets are automatically updated, project managers will also know what budget remains available.

So how does it work?

JIRA in VOGSY: what you can see and do

The project card in VOGSY automatically shows you all the Jira issues that are related to each of the project deliverables.

jira tab 1

All the relevant information is now at your finger tips, without needing to go into JIRA; things like

  • Issue type

  • Status

  • Story points

  • Assignee

  • Sprint data

Also, the time that was tracked on the issue is shown here. And epics and Jira issues can be expanded to see related issues and subtasks.

It’s possible to create a new Jira issue from the project inside VOGSY, or to link an existing issue to this deliverable. The issue title is prefilled with the title of the deliverable. And the text of the description will be assigned to the Jira issue – for extra convenience and fewer errors!

The selected VOGSY activity is used for tracking time with the Jira VOGSY addon; this ensures that you can always track the right budgets against the right Dev work!


VOGSY in JIRA: intuitive time management

VOGSY offers a Jira addon that allows you to track time in Jira on VOGSY projects without leaving JIRA. You can start a timer or manually specify the time that was spent on the issue.

Jira add on

The time that is recorded using the addon, will be displayed in VOGSY in the correct Jira tab of the project. VOGSY automatically links the time entry to the correct deliverable. That means that your budget is always up to date.

The bottom line: Convenience, accuracy, control !